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About Us

Originally established in the UK in 1965, Broadland Wineries is now an international wine producer, importer and innovator. We supply branded and private-label wines to both the On and Off Trades in the UK, North America and the Nordic countries. 
Our award winning range includes both new and old world wines and we also ferment fruit wines, chocolate wines, tonic wines, communion wines, mulled wines and perry. We package wines in bottles, bag-in-box, pouch and tube - in all common sizes and formats. In May 2016, we also launched an innovative new RTD format, Minivino to the UK.

We pride ourselves on our flexible, innovative, reliable and efficient approach, and the service, quality and value we deliver to our customers.
Broadland Wineries employs over 125 people internationally and is now a $100m (£60m) per annum turnover business, having grown at an average of 20% per annum every year since 2006.  


Our expertise includes wine making, new product development, wine sourcing, product innovation, filling, production, marketing, consumer research and distribution. With an expert wine team in place and a growing portfolio of wines, we pride ourselves on our service, quality and value.

In addition, Dr Arabella Woodrow, Master of Wine at Broadlands brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role of Wine Director at Broadland Wineries Ltd. Arabella Woodrow MW joined the wine trade in 1979, after leaving university with a BA and a D Phil in Biochemistry, joining Harveys of Bristol to work in its fine wine Division, which provided an excellent grounding in all the classic wine regions. Since then, she has worked in many different sectors of the trade, based in various locations from the south of England to Scotland. After taking the WSET Higher Certificate and Diploma examinations in the early 1980s, she was awarded the Vintners’ Scholarship in 1983, then passed the MW exam in 1986.

As Director of Wine at Broadlands, Arabella is responsible for wine selection, blending and NPD. She works very closely with Broadland’s supply partners to ensure the wines selected are consistent through-out the vintage and they represent their varietal type and country of origin and that they continually offer excellent value for money.
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