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Our Producers

We buy wine from approximately 10 new and old world producers - 

  • Premium estate-bottled wines
  • High quality bulk wines
  • Grape must

Why they choose us:

  • We are a fast-growing, privately-owned, profitable, international wine business with a clear growth vision and strategy - delivering more and more enjoyment, to more and more people.  (We have grown our sales and profits 20% pa on average each year since 2006, with sales and teams in UK, USA and Nordic).
  • We sell premium estate-bottled producer-owned brands as our “top tier” and we sell in-consumer-market-bottled-wines as our “mid tier” and “entry level tier”. 
  • This means we buy bottled-wines and bulk-wines from our Producers, thus offering multiple business opportunities in multiple markets.
  • We pay our bills on time. We honour contracts and agreements. We fully comply with all laws and regulations. We have a strong HS&E and staff-development ethos.
  • We are nice people to do business with.
  • We help our Producers succeed.
  • We are currently seeking additional Wine Producers certified as Organic, Ethical, Fairtrade. Ideally from Italy, France, Spain and USA.

To find out more about some of our superb producers, that provide us with both Estate-Bottled and Bulk wines, please click below:


te Pa - New Zealand
William Cole - Chile
Project Wine - Australia
Perlino - Italy

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