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Perlino Filipetti Prosecco

Benefitting from a history of winemaking that began more than 100 years ago, Perlino was founded in 1922, in the heart of the Moscato area. The company’s winemaking tradition stems from strong roots founded in the hills around Asti, Piedmont. This well-known area is renowned for its winemaking traditions, perfected over time and handed down across generations culminating in incomparable experience.

The Filipetti family was for many years the soul and driving force behind the company and always sought to maintain traditional, small business production methods nonetheless integrated with innovative technology to obtain the best from grapes. One name to remember in particular is that of Giovanni Giuseppe Filipetti, an unusual character, great winemaker, a man of culture and lover of art; he gave shape and organisation to current production and helped make Perlino what it is today. It is after Giovanni, that Filipetti Prosecco D.O.C. is named after. Broadland Wineries works closely with the family owned winery and is the sole UK supplier of Filipetti Prosecco.

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