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Jean Bouchard
Jean Bouchard
Jean Bouchard
Jean Bouchard
Jean Bouchard

Jean Bouchard

“Jean Bouchard, a Burgundian house with a long history…”
The philosophy of the House of Jean Bouchard rests on four strong values: the family, quality, durability and sharing. As early as 1926, the Bichot family started a relationship with the House of Jean Bouchard, which was long established in Bordeaux and, during the economic boom that followed the end of WWII; the Bichot family purchased the House of Jean Bouchard in 1955.

“For several years now we have been practising sustainable viticulture based on observations, prevention and respect for natural equilibriums. The grapes are selected upstream and special importance is given to selection of the best plots.” 
The House of Bouchard has access to 5 flagship estates, located throughout Burgundy:
  • One estate in Chablis (65 ha)
  • Two estates in Nuits-Saint-Georges (16 ha)
  • One estate in Pommard (17 ha)
  • One estate in Mercurey (4.5 ha)
With long established relationships based on loyalty and trust with partner growers, oenologists Alain, Christophe and Grégoire take the greatest of care to bring out the flavours and aromas of each wine so as to faithfully represent the specificities of Burgundy’s wines in terms of varietals, terroirs and vintages.
“Wine is about sharing – we believe in the idea of mutually beneficial development.”
Broadland Wineries is the exclusive UK supplier for over 14 Jean Bouchard signature wines. To find out more about our Jean Bouchard collection, please contact us now.


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