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Responsible Drinking

As a company, we recognise it is important to promote and encourage responsible enjoyment of our products.  For over 10 years, we have committed, through our drinks labels, to support the objectives of the Portman group.

More recently, our involvement with the UK Government's Responsibility Campaign has helped demonstrate our support, not only via drinks labelling, but through our marketing campaigns and charity support. As part of our voluntary pledge, we commit to improving the long-term health of the public and to encouraging people to drink responsibly.

Broadlands has signed up to a number of pledges which include:

Alcohol labelling: We will ensure that over 80% of products on shelf (by December 2014) will have labels with clear unit content, NHS guidelines and a warning about drinking when pregnant.

Awareness of alcohol units in the on-trade: We will provide simple and consistent information in the on-trade (e.g. pubs and clubs), to raise awareness of the unit content of alcoholic drinks, and we will also explore together with health bodies how messages around drinking guidelines and the associated health harms might be communicated.

Tackling under-age alcohol sales: Proof of age posters and logos on all onsite and online shops. Age declaration request on company website. Drink aware logos on all labels, website and sales/marketing materials.

Advertising and marketing alcohol: No drinks marketing campaigns to be conducted within 100m of schools.

Community actions to tackle alcohol harms: Company support and donation to local alcohol misuse and education charity. 

In addition to our commitments under the responsibility deal, we continue to develop products in our portfolio in line with the agenda set by the UK Department of Health. These are not limited to, but include lower alcohol wines, smaller sized bottles, inclusion of units per serving on all 18.7cl bottles and the full Chief Medical Officer's daily intake recommendations on all 75cl products.
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