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Case Studies

We recognise that each of our customers is unique and being specialists in our field, we are able to tailor a personalised and bespoke package to suit specific needs. Our dedicated and experienced team are passionate about ensuring we offer the best service, quality and value around.

Working closely with our customers, this bespoke service aims to maximise customer profitability by creating competitively priced, exclusive own-label ranges that fit your target market. In addition, we offer a growing portfolio of branded wines that are chosen for their delicious flavours and value for money.

Case studies

For large UK Retailer 1 we -

Pack bulk imported wine into 3x1.5L Pouch.
Ferment, pack, store and deliver 8% ABV British Made Wine
Ferment, pack, store and deliver 8% ABV Mulled Wine
No stock-outs

For large US Retailer 1 we -
Supply 4 SKUs. No stock outs.

For large UK Retailer 2 we -

Buy, import and bottle 4 bulk Australian wines.
Then we store under bond and deliver into 6 distribution centres
Ferment, pack, store and deliver Perry
No stock-outs

For large Multinational Retailer 3 we -
Supply 15 SKUs: Imported wines, British wines and Perry. In both 75cl bottles and BIB
Now 10million litres per annum - avg growth rate last 3 years of 33% pa
Full-trailer loads weekly to 5 UK distribution centres
Supply into 20 US states
No stock-outs

For National Retailer 4 we -
Supply 14 SKUs: British wines, Perry, Mulled wine and Fruit wines
In bottles and bag in box
Now 5 million litres per annum - avg growth rate for the last 2 years of 100% pa
Full-trailer load delivered twice a week to 1 central hub
No stock-outs
British Retail Consortium Certified
The New Winery
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