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The Broadland Wineries Proudly Vegan range is 100% vegan right down to the ink and glue on the labels.  Registered by the Vegan Society, the range includes a Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé from Chile’s Central Valley.  All varietals are 12.5% ABV.
Proudly Vegan was developed and launched by Broadland Wineries early in 2018 to meet the demand of customers looking for a guarantee that the product offered was, in fact, 100% vegan.  It can be hard to know exactly whether a wine is vegan or not without studying the label carefully. Egg white, gelatine and milk protein can all be used in the winemaking process and labels are often ambiguous and being able to guarantee to customers that a wine is vegan can be tricky. Proudly Vegan solves this problem perfectly.
  • Proudly Vegan Sauvignon Blanc. A zesty and refreshing wine with tropical hints of passion fruit, gooseberry and lime, this mouth-watering wine loves risotto with peas and recipes with flavours of lemon, garlic, coriander and ginger. It is even delicious when served alongside notoriously tricky flavours for wine pairings, such as asparagus.
  • Proudly Vegan Merlot. This elegant and sumptuously smooth red boasts of cherry and plum flavours with hints of coffee and chocolate. Serve alongside hearty, autumnal recipes such as herb-laden butternut squash and fresh pasta with rich Provencal sauces.
Proudly Vegan is currently stocked in Ocado and Amazon, with a new 187ml single serve range coming soon.
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