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Why all wine isn't Vegan friendly. 

It can be hard to know exactly whether a wine is vegan or not without studying the label carefully. Egg white, gelatine and milk protein can all be used in the wine making process and labels are often ambiguous. Being able to guarantee to customers that a wine is vegan can be tricky. 

The Broadland Wineries Proudly Vegan range was launched early in 2018 to meet the demand of customers looking for a guarantee that the product offered was 100% vegan, Proudly Vegan is just that, including the ink and glue on the labels making it the UK’s first 100% vegan wine.  Registered by The Vegan Society and BevVeg. the range includes a Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé from Chile’s Central Valley.  In May 2019 as this brand continued to grow, we launched Proudly Vegan Prosecco.

Broadland carried out its own research on wine for vegans with interesting results:

  • 41% of consumers said they had prepared food or drink for someone who is vegan at some point in the past.  And, 20% aged 18-34 claimed to have prepared food or drink for someone who is vegan in the last week.
  • 42% of all consumers assume that wine is vegan friendly - higher than for beer and prosecco.  Vegan and vegetarian consumers are more likely to question the vegan status of wine than anyone else, but still just over a third would assume wine is vegan friendly. 
  • 23% of consumers are likely to have to prepare food and drink this Christmas for someone who is vegan.  A statistic which rises significantly to 41% amongst the under 35s.  
Proudly Vegan is currently stocked in Ocado and Amazon.  It is offered in 75cl and 18.7 cl bottles.

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