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18.7cl single serve wines available to list now.

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Broadland Wineries are pleased to announce that a range of 18.7cl wines are available to list now. Single serve wines are ideal for consumers wishing to try something new or simply enjoy a glass without having to open a full size bottle. Perfect for individuals, picnics, BBQs and any outside events – recent research found that some 2.5 million people in the UK now buy 18.7cl at least monthly.

With a focus on fresh wines and less waste, Broadland Wineries are thrilled to offer a number of brands in this popular sized format. The following best-selling SKUs are now available in 18.7cl:

·         Three Mills Reserve, 11%
·         Three Mills Classic Fruity, 8%
·         Compass Point, 10.5-13.5%
·         Pais de Poetas, 12.5%

In addition to these existing brands, Broadland Wineries are pleased to champion smaller batches for bespoke 18.7cl formats and offer minimum order quantities of just 2,000 litres, enabling a distinct competitor advantage. Whilst most UK bottlers are pushing for larger batch sized bottling runs, Broadlands continue to put the customer first by cutting their stock holdings, financial burden and ultimately delivering fresher wines.

Furthermore, Broadland Wineries are the first UK bottler to offer a Novatwist option, paying testimony to the continued innovation and environmental conscientiousness of our Norfolk based winery.

To find out more about stocking these 18.7cl single serve brands or for more information regarding our services, please contact us.

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