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Broadland Wineries adds Prosecco to its agency portfolio

Thursday 23 October 2014

Broadland Wineries is pleased to announce it has added Prosecco Filipetti to its list of agency wines.

With the burgeoning demand for and growth in the Prosecco category, Broadland Wineries see this as an ideal opportunity to further service its customer’s requirements and Prosecco Filipetti is an ideal fit for the company.
This is Broadland Wineries’ first sparkling wine and first old world product to be added to its portfolio. Shipped in bottle Prosecco Filipetti is made by Perlino, a family-owned winery founded in 1905.
Perlino’s philosophy and mission is to respect their heritage and pay homage to the region by producing good quality, affordable sparkling wines that can enhance any celebration, whilst equally being enjoyed for any occasion. Filipetti pays fair testament to this: an affordable luxury.
Filipetti Prosecco NV has a RRP of £8.49 and is available to list now.
Mark Lansley, Chief Executive of Broadland Wineries comments; “Prosecco Filipetti offers outstanding quality and value for money and allows Broadland to further meet the needs of its customers.”

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