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Broadland Wineries announce deal with Singlz™

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Broadland Wineries are pleased to announce an exclusive bottling agreement has been signed with Singlz™, the newly patented 18.7cl all-in-one bottle and glass format. A New Zealand invention, Singlz™ are 18.7cl single serve units that are lightweight, highly portable, shatterproof and fully recyclable. Pioneering in its design, the cleverly integrated bottle and glass makes this an ideal wine format for outdoor and glass-free events.
Mark Lansley, CEO of Broadland Wineries comments “Growth in sales of Singlz™ units in Europe and USA has been impressive at concerts, trains, beaches and other outdoor venues and we believe UK consumers are ready for this new format. The wine’s freshness and shelf life is particularly good due to the five-layer PET material used and the strong tight bottle-closure seal”.
Singlz™ (Available exclusively in the UK through Broadland Wineries from Winter 2014) are the second exclusive, innovative offering Broadland Wineries has launched in 2014, in the single serve format (Singlz™ and Novatwist).
Wine filling into Singlz™ units and bespoke labels are expected to start in November. Please contact for more information.
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