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Broadland Wineries appoints Paul Schaafsma as CEO

Monday 25 September 2017

Broadland Wineries has announced today that Paul Schaafsma will join the business as CEO with immediate effect. Schaafsma, formerly CEO of Accolade Wines, the fifth largest wine company in the world, has a formidable reputation for driving the growth of branded wine businesses in the UK, Australia and around the globe. 

This is a significant appointment for Broadland Wineries. Owner Mark Lansley will step back from the day to day running of the business to take on the new role of part-time Chairman.

According to Mark Lansley,

“Paul is a proven international brand builder and organisation developer. He knows how to create consumer pull, and how to add value to retailer-led businesses. I can't wait to see what synergies unfold. This is very exciting." 

Commenting on the company, Schaafsma says,

“Broadland is a diverse and exciting wine business with significant untapped potential.  I look forward to leading, and further developing, the strong management team, and implementing an appropriate multi-channel strategy for our customers. A brand-led portfolio is likely to feature in our plans and I look forward to sharing more news shortly.”

Broadland Wineries is an international wine importer, bottler, innovator and supplier of branded and private label wines to the UK, US and Nordic markets. Established in 1965, the company has 130 staff and an annual turnover of £60m. In addition to private and own label, the company has developed a number of popular wine brands including Waipapa Bay, Three Mills, Minivino and Le Soleil. Since May, the company has launched a significant number of new products including Bird’s Eye View from Langhorne Creek, Artisento Prosecco and TrimVin, a 187ml low calorie, lighter alcohol red, white and rosé. The company has increased its turnover by 600% since 2006.


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