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Broadland Wineries launches new artisan design service for SMEs - “Broadland Wineries Bespoke”

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Broadland Wineries is delighted to announce it has launched a new artisan design service that offers bespoke wines for small and medium sized enterprises.

Following the success of Broadland’s private label product development offering to large retailers, Broadland Wineries has been trialling a new artisan design approach with Venue, Event and Gifting companies and SME’s in the UK. Results have demonstrated SMEs can use unique, memorable bespoke wines to generate greater stand-out, differentiation, consumer engagement and loyalty.

Broadland Wineries Bespoke is a third strand to Broadland’s Channel Strategy. Broadland’s main business sells to Off-Trade and On-Trade customers, whilst Broadland Wineries Direct sells direct to consumers.

Benefiting from 50 years of experience in the wine industry, Broadland Wineries Bespoke is able to take advantage of Broadland Wineries’ broad wine range and bring something exciting to those who want unique bespoke wines but do not have the requirement for large volumes. This exciting opportunity allows smaller businesses to add value to the way they interact with customers in an imaginative and relevant manner.

Hand-picked award-winning wines selected by Dr. Arabella Woodrow, Master of Wine at Broadland Wineries, are further enhanced with tailor-made designs that are unique and exclusive to each customer. Offering a collaborative design experience, short lead times and small minimum order quantities, this new service is available to businesses across all SME sectors.

To find out more about this service, please visit the new Broadland Wineries Bespoke website.
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