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Sparkling Sales – Prosecco still showing growth

Wednesday 20 June 2018

Prosecco has successfully moved beyond the realms of being a luxury product and reached the status of a mainstream treat. Broadland Wineries have continued to see very strong growth in sales of Prosecco over the past 12 months under our Artisento, Filipetti and R&R brands.

According to Wine Intelligence consumption has increased from 48% in 2016, to 55% in 2017, and this trend is not only seen among our customers but also other East Anglian producers who continue to record a healthy demand for sparkling wines across our region.
According to data from Nielsen, sparkling wines have a 12.1% market share of all wine sales – up 9.5% in the year to March 24 2018, and worth £862.8m annually. With growth across the Off-Trade up against light wine and Champagne with this sales growth even higher in the On-Trade, although this growth has slowed a little from 2016. Furthermore, English Sparkling Wine is continuing to establish a strong reputation and is gaining distribution as retailers understand the attraction of local produce to their customers.  However, supply remains relatively limited compared to the likes of Prosecco, and pricing is at a premium which is a natural limiting factor on the number of consumers who will buy sparkling wine from these shores.
For Broadland Wineries, who first launched its award-winning Filipetti brand in 2014, the emphasis has always been on superior quality sparkling wines from suppliers with a long history of wine production, winemaking passion and excellence. Since then we have successful launched two more On Trade and Off Trade exclusive brands that have been popular among consumers as we develop wines that not only excel in terms of taste and quality but continue to be competitively priced.


Among our recent launches, our R&R Prosecco has just gone on sale on Greater Anglia trains to allow passengers to relax with a glass of Prosecco when they travel.  As well as traditional 75cl bottles, we are also seeing growth in sales of 20cl single serve bottles which allow people to have a mini-treat for themselves.  This small format is also included in our 24 Wines of Christmas Advent Calendar, which contains 24 single serve bottles of wine and Prosecco. 


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