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Broadland supplies US with wines from around the world

In less than three years, with offices in New York and South East US, Broadland has developed the US market and is now supplying wines from all over the world to some of the top retailers across 23 States.  We have long-standing relationships with many global retailers and work with the same groups in both the UK and USA.

Broadland’s set up is unique within the US market – in addition to offering a broad range of branded wines, we can quickly and cost-effectively source and supply quality private label and bulk wines from all over the world.  We focus on innovation particularly new formats, new wine styles and different collaborative wine projects which continually raise the bar across wine and design to deliver enjoyment and excitement among US consumers.

Today, Broadland Wineries is a $100m per annum turnover business, which has grown at an average of 20% per annum every year since 2006. 



Retailers benefit from our one stop shop model which combines worldwide sourcing and distribution capability, quality assurance through a Master of Wine and an accredited quality assurance lab along with the expertise of an in-house design team and a consumer insight specialist.  We  work closely with retailers to develop targeted wine solutions across a number of different price tiers and formats, including bottle, pouch, Bag-In-Box, glass and PET sourced from over 15 countries, packed in the UK and distributed through the US.

NEW Products for North America

  • PROUDLY VEGAN - America’s first ever 100% vegan wine right down to the ink and glue on the label.
  • WAIPAPA BAY - Classic New Zealand wine from the multi award-winning Rossendale winery. 
  • FESTIVE CALENDAR - 24 small bottles (187 ml) of wine and Prosecco all wrapped up in a themed box for December 2018.
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